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The Skyline Shed - TSS 'Street Series' RB25/30 Engine (600hp-800hp Rated)

Original price $19,460.00 - Original price $22,532.00
Original price
$19,460.00 - $22,532.00
Current price $19,460.00

Hand assembled by us at The Skyline Shed is our new range of RB25/30 engines, this combo is designed for street duties and aimed at those targeting response and reliability with a budget in mind. This engine has been designed for up to 800hp at the wheels. To assist with increasing the response and torque of the engine, we have retained the VCT and have chosen a nice camshaft profile to really bring this thing to life. This listing is for the outright purchase of the engine.

This engine can be shipped worldwide, simply add the item to cart for Air Freight, however if you are interested in a well built RB25/30 engine or would simply like a shipping quote alternate to air freight, please contact us via email at

  • Kelford Camshafts.
  • Kelford Springs.
  • Kelford Titanium Retainers.
  • Kelford Valve Stem Seals.
  • Ported Exhaust Ports.
  • RB30 Crankshaft.
  • PRP Billet Cam Gear (Colour TBA).
  • PRP CAS Bracket (Colour TBA).
  • PRP Pro Series Trigger Kit (Colour TBA).
  • Nitto Forged 86.5mm "High Comp" Turbo Pistons.
  • Nitto Forged H-Beam Rods.
  • Nitto High Volume Oil Pump.
  • Nitto Crank Collar.
  • Nitto Oil Restrictors.
  • Nitto Head Drain Kit to sump with braided Teflon line and fire sleeve.
  • Tomei head gasket.
  • Tomei Cam Cap Studs.
  • Hypertune Camshaft Splash Plates.
  • ARP Head Studs.
  • ARP Main Studs.
  • ARP Rod Bolts.
  • ARP Crankshaft Bolt
  • Cylinder head full service.
  • Crank grub screwed/cleaned.
  • Crank tested.
  • Crank machined.
  • Crank polished.
  • TSS spec main + rod bearings.
  • Block Acid Washed.
  • Block Decked.
  • Block Bore and Honed.
  • Block Tunnel Bore for Main Studs.
  • Taarks Billet Oil Filter Block Adapter + oil filter stud to run remote filter setup.
  • New stainless high tensile hardware throughout.
  • New welch plugs.
  • TSS timing belt kit.
  • GMB water pump.
  • New seals throughout.
  • New gaskets throughout.
  • New rear main seal.
  • Titanium exhaust manifold studs/nuts.
  • Machine work all carried out by reputable workshop.
  • TSS billet cam cover gasket kit.
  • TSS billet oil cap.
  • Options to choose between RB25/RB26 Cam Covers which will be Powder Coated in your choice of colour with -10 fittings OR supplied with PRP Billet Cam Covers anodized in your colour and style option. 
  • RB26 Cam Cover option will have Hi-Octane baffles installed as well as part of the price.
  • High Volume Extended/Baffled Sump (no diff supplied for AWD option).
  • Engine and Parts Colour scheme is fully flexible and we will work with you on making your vision come true!
  • Payment is via Bank Deposit ONLY.
  • Harmonic Balancer is NOT included.
  • Comes as long engine with no manifolds, if you have any questions please reach out to us at