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The Skyline Shed - TSS Oil Cooler Kit to suit RB20 / RB25 / RB25NEO / RB26 / RB30

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$600.00 - $1,145.00
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PLEASE NOTE:  This block adaptor seals over the OEM RB25/RB26 filter stud, so if you have removed the factory heat exchanger or have the RB30 filter stud that makes the filter bolt straight to the block, then you will need to buy a new filter stud found from the dropdown options.

TSS Oil Cooler Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Aeroflow oil cooler (19row or 25 row option).
  • 1 x Aeroflow Thermostatic Remote Filter Mount.
  • 1 x TAARKS RB Billet Block Adaptor with 2 x -10orb fittings/2 x block offs/seals/mounting hardware and pressure switch block off.
  • OPTIONAL - Oil Cooler Mounting Bracket.

TSS Oil Cooler Line Kit includes:

  • 3 Metres of 500 Series Push Lock Hose.
  • 6 x -10 Orb Fittings
  • 2 x Straight Full Flow 510 series push lock fittings
  • 6 x 90deg Full Flow Tight Radius 510 series push lock fittings
  • 8 x Aero Clamps to suit Push Lock Hose
  • Please note: This is a PREMIUM hose and fitting kit, not the cheap generic ones which will fail prematurely and cause dangerous leakages.

Get rid of that nasty heat exchanger, keep those oil temps consistent and mount your oil filter in a location YOU CHOOSE by purchasing one of our TSS Oil Cooler Kits!

There are plenty of benefits you can enjoy by installing our oil cooler kit, the thermostatic remote filter mount by Aeroflow which is a solid piece of gear, has an inbuilt thermostat which allows for a more regulated oil temperature instead of allowing full flow under all circumstances like other kits on the market. This filter unit will close to allow oil to reach optimum temperature and then open fully to allow maximum cooling when needed. This is important as during start-up you don't want maximum oil flow going to your oil cooler, you want to keep as much of that oil in the sump as possible and allow it to warm up. Freeway driving is also a lot safer as the thermostat will restrict oil flow to the oil cooler which will allow the oil temp to stay more stable instead of constantly recirculating at full flow past the oil cooler.

When it comes to oil coolers, Aeroflow has been a leading brand and we are extremely confident in their oil coolers which is why we have personally been using them for years now on all our customer cars and have used them beyond 1000hp without issues, failures or leakages. They definitely look the part, are not overly big and will help keep those oil temps in check. Choose the 19row for up to 500hp at the wheels, otherwise the 25 row for applications up to 1000hp at the wheels.

Another cool bit of gear is the TAARKS billet block adaptors which we supply in our kits, they completely replace the factory heat exchanger found on a RB25/RB26 and unlike the screw on types in other kits which are prone to leaking, it is CNC machined and doesn't use gaskets as it seals using Viton O-rings. TAARKS billet block adaptors also allows your OEM oil pressure sensor to screw into it and has additional 1/8" NPT ports which you can use for extra sensors such as temperature, or you can use the provided block offs to close them up.

TAARKS billet block adaptors comes in a range of colours and come with anodized -10orb Fittings, all mounting hardware, block off grub screws and Viton O-ring seals. 


  • We recommend installing the oil filter upside down to retain oil volume
  • Recommended installation is hose FROM Block Adaptor > TO Oil Filter Mount > TO Oil Cooler > Then back to Block Adaptor.
  • We recommend mounting the cooler in front of the driverside wheel area and the filter mount somewhere in between the cooler and engine block in an area of your choosing, 3 metres is usually enough for this position, however if you wish to add an extra hose for additional positioning, then you can purchasing additional lengths by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you -

Fits: Nissan Skyline R32 R33 R34 GTS GTST GTT GTR GTS4