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The Skyline Shed - "Stars and Stripes" 1200hp+ RB26/30 Engine (AWD)

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Original price $45,000.00 - Original price $51,500.00
Original price
$45,000.00 - $51,500.00
Current price $45,000.00
Prepare yourselves for JUSTICE!
Our "Stars and Stripes" RB26/30 engine package is Rated to 1200hp and beyond!

Built with nothing but power and reliability in mind, this engine is filled to the brim with the best products on the market, our master technician has over 20 years of expertise in RB engine building and has crafted this monster for ONE lucky person. This is a ONE of ONE engine, there is NOTHING like it out there and you will become the owner of something truly unique in the RB scene that is also extremely aesthetically pleasing!

(i mean come on, how aggressive does it look!).

This engine can be shipped worldwide, if you are interested in this engine or would simply like a shipping quote, please contact us via email at

  • TSS Spec CNC Ported 05U Cylinder Head.
  • TSS Shimless conversion.
  • Supertech Double Valve Springs.
  • Supertech Inconnel Exhaust Valves +1mm.
  • Supertech Intake Valves +1mm.
  • Supertech Bronze Valve Guides.
  • Supertech Titanium retainers.
  • Kelford Custom Grind Cams (TSS Spec).
  • Tomei Cam Cap Studs.
  • Hypertune Full Length Cam Splash Plates.
  • Nitto I-Beam Rods.
  • Nitto 86.5mm Pistons.
  • Nitto Oil Pump.
  • Nitto Crank Collar fitted.
  • Nitto Oil Restrictors.
  • Nitto Head Drain Kit to sump with braided Teflon line and fire sleeve.
  • Nitto MLS head gasket.
  • ARP 1/2" head studs.
  • ARP 7/16" main studs.
  • ARP rod bolts.
  • ARP Balancer Bolt.
  • ATI 1500HP Balancer.
  • RB30 Crank (TSS Spec).
  • RB30 Block machined, line honed, clearanced (TSS Spec 86.5mm).
  • TSS spec main + rod bearings.
  • TSS Extended/Baffled RB26 AWD sump.
  • PRP Alloy 4WD Block Brace.
  • PRP Billet Cam Covers.
  • PRP Billet Cam Gears (silver).
  • PRP LS1 Alternator Kit.
  • PRP 12 Tooth Trigger Kit Top and Bottom Cherry Sensors.
  • PRP Mech Fuel Kit.
  • PRP Double CAS Bracket.
  • PRP *New Release* IGN35A Coil Kit with dress up washers, stalks and bracket.
  • Kinsler 700 Series Mechanical Fuel Pump.
  • TSS Billet oil cap.
  • TSS Timing belt kit.
  • TSS Spark Plugs (gapped accordingly).
  • New water pump.
  • New seals throughout.
  • New gaskets throughout.
  • New rear main seal.
  • New welch plugs.
  • New stainless high tensile hardware throughout.
  • Titanium Exhaust manifold studs/nuts.
  • Titanium Intake manifold studs/nuts.
  • Taarks Billet Half Moon Seals.
  • Taarks Billet Oil Filter Block Adapter + oil filter stud to run remote filter setup.
  • Genuine Nissan Cam Cover Gaskets.
  • Aeroflow thermostat housing.
  • Cometic MLS Exhaust Manifold Gaskets.

In total, there is over $7500 in OPTIONAL EXTRAS as listed below which you can add or remove from the engine based on your budget, however we are selling them at a discounted price if purchased with the engine:


  • Plazmaman 12 Injector Billet Runner Manifold - $3055rrp.
  • Bosch 82mm Drive By Wire throttle body - $335rrp.
  • Plazmaclamp 3" with DBW Adaptor - $334rrp.


  • 6boost Promod - $1500rrp.
  • Aeroflow Boosted G42-1450 with 1.01 rear (highly recommend this turbo for this application, will provide awesome response and make 1200hp - $2527rrp.
  • No Front Diff included.
  • Any engine purchased from TSS comes with full after purchase support, modification guide, product selection guide and priority contact.
  • Payment is VIA bank transfer/swift only.