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The Skyline Shed - RB25DET NEO Custom 5/16" E85 Engine Bay Fuel Kit

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TSS RB25DET NEO E85 Engine Bay Fuel Line Kits are thoughtfully put together for your conveniance, this is an easy to install 5/16" fuel line kit that is comprehensive and adjustable to your needs. We also have a PREMIUM BRAIDED E85 Teflon fuel kit using -6 Fittings for those who want a more aesthetic look for their engine bay (click here).


  • 2 metres of 400 series e85 safe 5/16" push lock hose.
  • 4 x Straight -6 to 5/16" Barb Fittings.
  • 4 x 90deg -6 to 5/16" Barb Fittings.
  • 10 x Stainless 5/16" Hose Clamps.


  • Turbosmart FPR6 KIT that includes:
    • 1 x FPR6 in BLACK unless you specify a colour in the cart area when checking out, optional colours are: Gold, Silver, Bronze, CardoZinc, Grey, Purple, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Teal. 
    • 1 x -6AN block off fitting.
    • 2 x Orb -6AN fittings.
    • 1 x Syltech pressure/temp combo switch with plug and pin set - (capable of reading -30deg to 140deg and 10 bar of pressure). Fuel temp is just as important as Fuel Pressure because if your fuel temp is high it could be robbing you of power. The perks of having the sensor as well is engine protection, so for the additional $165rrp, we have to include it as part of the FPR6 Kit as it offers peace of mind for a small investment.
  • Link ECU Flex Fuel Sensor Kit - There are slightly cheaper options on the market when it comes to flex fuel sensors, however in our quest for perfection we chose the Link ECU Flex Sensor as it is the best option! It has a custom designed mount for the sensor that spaces the sensor away from the strut tower to give you enough clearance to access the hoses without them or your tools fouling against the strut wall. It is for this reason we chose link vs other flex companies who force you to mount the sensor so close to the wall that you have to unbolt it from the firewall just to access the hoses, it also makes installing a nightmare when mounting the unit flush and not offset. It also comes with raceworks barb to -6 connectors, plugs and pins to get you going. 
  • Raceworks 1500lph Billet -6 Fuel Filter - a 'must have' for any vehicle planning to run E85. Not only is the filter cleanable, but it is capable of flowing a whopping 1500lph! That's more than the flow of 3 x Walbro 460 Fuel Pumps! Replacement cartridges can be purchased online, we chose Raceworks due to their amazing quality. It also comes with a spacer/mounting bracket to ensure clearance when installing hoses/fittings onto it. 
  • Raceworks Fuel Rail - These billet fuel rails look super sleak and engineered to perfection, they also come with a range of fittings to allow you to customise the install.
  • Bosch/Raceworks injectors with quick release plug and pins - these are our go to injectors as we love the fact they come static and dynamic flow matched to a tight tolerance of +/- 1.5%. Choose from 1000cc/1200cc or 1600c injectors, all of which come with quick release square plug and pin sets! Simply cut off your existing plugs and strip/crimp/sleeve on the new ones utilizing the rubber boot supplied for the ultimate protection and sleek wiring!


  • All our FPR6 Kits come in BLACK unless you specify a colour in the cart area "notes section" when checking out, optional colours are: Gold, Silver, Bronze, CardoZinc, Grey, Purple, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Teal. 
  • If you are having trouble finding the "notes section" just shoot us an email with your FPR6 colour option after ordering
  • Assembly of hose and fittings are required.
  • Slight Bending of the factory hardlines may be necessary to get the angles you need based of where you intend to mount your FPR and Flex sensor, the OEM Hardlines are quite strong and will not break or kink if you gently bend them.
  • This Kit includes 2 x Straight -6 fittings for a -6 Fuel Filter and is not separable from the kit, this is because you should be running a billet fuel filter (pictured) with E85 fuel as the paper type filters will collapse over time and clog your fuel system. Contact us via email if you need this arrangement modified with your order to suit a different style/configuration of fuel filter
  • Please ensure you use all supplied O-rings for fuel reg fittings and fuel safe tape/thread paste on the 1/8th NPT port onf the FPR6 as per Turbosmart recommendation.
  • All components are compatible with Unleaded or Ethanol Fuels. 
  • Raceowrks Fuel Injectors are static and dynamic flow matched and have an amazing flow rate variance of only +/- 1.5% (3% Total).
  • Flex Sensors need to be wired in but will come with plug and pin set.
  • Injectors need to be wired in but come with quick connectors with plug and pins.
  • There is no guarrantee that this kit will fit under OEM RB20/RB25 plenum, thus we recommend installing it with a forward facing manifold or Plazmaman Plenum. We have installed this under OEM plenums before by trimming the plenums and using a plenum spacer and other modifications, however we do not recommend doing this.
  • We highly recommend having this kit installed by a performance workshop as it is responsible for carrying fuel safely to your vehicle, we will accept no responsibility for leaks, damage, fire, injury or death due to poor installation.
  • PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK FOR LEAKS AFTER INSTALL (fuel systems are not a joke and should be taken seriously).
  • Installation advice is purely advice and we recommend checking the manufacturers installation guide for each product. 
  • Images are for referrence only.