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The Skyline Shed - 800hp+ Pro Series Transfer Case Unit to suit R32 / R33 GTR

Original price $4,990.00 - Original price $4,990.00
Original price
$4,990.00 - $4,990.00
Current price $4,990.00

***PRE-ORDER - ETA 8-12 WEEKS***

This listing is for the outright purchase of a second hand R32/R33 GTR Transfer case that has been fully rebuilt by us at The Skyline Shed PTY LTD with our PRO Service option, the unit has also been vapour blasted for an OEM look (image is of a painted unit but we will update the image of the vapour blasted unit when assembly is complete), please see information below on work carried out to this unit:

Pro Service: 

  • Disassemble and Industrial wash transfer case and components.
  • Replacement of ALL 7 friction plates with brand new OEM plates and install 3 additional brand new friction plates (10 in total) to lock up the front aggressively, this is recommended for all applications over 800hp at the wheels or where the vehicle is used in motorsport.
  • Replace transfer case chain with NEW OEM Nissan unit as second hand ones can stretch and cause catastrophic failure.
  • Replacement of filter/strainer unit with brand new OEM unit.
  • Replacement of seals with OEM Nissan items.
  • Replacement of bearings with majority OEM Nissan items, some bearings are discontinued from Nissan and are sourced locally from a reputable bearing store.
  • Full inspection of all remaining components and report.

PLEASE NOTE: Transfer cases are sold as BARE UNITS with no sensors, actuators, shifter plates or accessories, however they can be purchased separately - please enquire. Transfer cases are sold on the basis that customers use sensors and accessories from their existing transfer case to suit their application.