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The Skyline Shed - Premium RB Service Kit

Original price $160.00 - Original price $325.00
Original price
$160.00 - $325.00
Current price $215.00

UPDATE: We have now upgraded the Greddy Magnetic Sump Plug to a Nismo Magnetic Sump Plug to keep things uniform and brand specific, we will be updating the images shortly to reflect this.

The Skyline Shed has assembled this premium service kit which comes in a few options, this is the cream of the crop and your RB engine will thank you for it. Whether you are making 200hp or 1500hp, this is all you need to keep your engine happy and healthy.

Choose from the following options:

  • Option 1 - 5L Race Oil + Nismo Filter + Oil Flush.
  • Option 2 - 5L Race Oil + Nissan Filter + Oil Flush.
  • Option 3 - 5L Race Oil + Nismo Filter.
  • Option 4 - 5L Race Oil + Nissan Filter.

Quick rundown of the products included in this kit and optional items:

  • Nulon Racing Oil 10w60 - Designed here in Australia, this is one of the most premium oils you can fill your RB with, it is thin for cold start engine protection and is also thick for protection under harsh load when at operating temperature, RB engines do NOT like thin oils, they prefer a thicker oil which prevents them from throwing oil into the catch can and provides a thick cushion like film to give the bearings some protection under high boost applications. This oil is also FULLY E85 compatible. (comes as a 5Litre bottle but you can purchase them separately by clicking HERE).
  • Nismo Veruspeed Oil Filter - A triple layer design makes sure that all harmful particles are removed from your engine whilst at the same time ensuring you have optimal oil pressure, a no compromise top of the range filter from Nismo Japan.
  • Nissan OEM Oil Filter - This is the most common used filter and for good reason, no issues have been detected using this filter, however it is slightly larger and harder to get a hold of compared to it's slightly smaller Nismo counterpart and provides less filtering.
  • NGK Spark Plugs - These plugs are the most commonly used spark plugs by almost all RB gurus in Australia, they have the perfect heat range and provide a strong spark, we also gap them using a premium gapping tool to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. They come in the following gap sizes:
  • 0.8mm Spark Plug Gap to suit Standard HP - 400hp
  • 0.7mm Spark Plug Gap to suit 400hp-500hp
  • 0.6mm Spark Plug Gap to suit 500hp-1000hp
  • 0.5mm Spark Plug Gap to suit 1000hp+.

  • Nulon Pro Strength Extreme Oil Flush - The safest oil flush you could use in any engine, it is made from a detergent and NOT a solvent/fuel based solution. This means that the Nulon Pro Strength Oil Flush will NOT affect your oil, viscosity, turbocharger or seals. This additive is so safe, you can even drive with it in the engine under light load to help remove deposits prior to draining the oil.
  • Nismo Magnetic Drain Plug - Cheap insurance if you want to keep your RB happy, these drain plugs have VERY powerful magnet and will aid in oil filtration by attracting debris from wear and tear as your engine ages. Simply wipe down and clean between oil changes and you are good to go, and did we mention it looks awesome?

 PLEASE NOTE: If you are running an extended sump or an oil cooler kit, then we highly recommend you purchase an additional 5-Litre bottle of Nulon Racing oil by clicking HERE.