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The Skyline Shed - Premium TSS Timing Belt Kit to suit RB20 / RB25 / RB25 NEO / RB26

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The Skyline Shed Proudly presents our *PREMIUM* TSS Timing Belt Kit, this is a comprehensive kit assembled by us using the best parts on the market. From the Uprated Nismo Timing belt to the Aisin N1 Water pump and ARP timing stud upgrade, you can be sure your high power RB engine has exactly what it needs to be reliable!

Say goodbye to squealy belts, discoloured idler pulleys from those nasty blue and purple belts, this kit is the 'cream of the crop'. If you are after an alternative quality timing belt kit that wont break the bank, CLICK HERE!

Check out some of the product features below:

Nismo timing belts have been developed with core wires of tempered glass fiber with the tooth fabric made of aramid fiber which makes an immediate improvement in resistance to stretch, heat, cutting, tooth loss and abrasion. The result is greater endurance to the high heat, sudden changes in rpm and torque that you normally notice with a high power engine. It is identical in shape to the standard unit, however it is 1.3 times stronger than OEM, 1.8 times more heat resistant, 3 times more cut resistant and 9 times overall more resistant against tooth loss or abrasion.

NSK Japan are a popular replacement item for many Nissan bearings. These are the go to product for Nissan timing bearings including the idler and tensioner bearing.

NPW Japan water pumps are specifically made for the RB20, RB25/RB25NEO platform and are a OE replacement for Nissan items. They have the slotted hole for the smaller bolt, this can also be used on RB26 without issue but not the other way around.

GMB Japan water pumps are specifically made for RB26 and RB30 and have the circular bolt hole, which is different compared to other RB engines, so please choose your engine model accurately when ordering. This ensures that we supply the correct water pump, however you may receive a NPW pump if you order for RB26 or RB30 pending what is available.

AISIN Japan N1 style waterpumps are made with the 6 larger impeller blades unlike the standard replacement water pump, this allows for more efficient cooling and prevents cavitation at high RPM (recommended for high HP applications). It also has the slotted bolt hole which means it can be used across the entire RB twin cam range. 

ARP bearing fastener kits are a must have for any high horsepower or high RPM RB build. Especially if running large camshafts, we high recommend adding these to your order as it is essential your timing belt components are of extreme high quality. The results of not having this hardware replaced due to porous material or rust, is snapped timing gear that could cost you an entire engine as well as a turbocharger.


  • 1 x NPW/GMB/Aisin Japanese Water Pump + studs/gasket (Optional)
  • 1 x ARP Bearing Fastener Kit (Optional)
  • 1 x Nismo Uprated Timing Belt
  • 1 x NSK Tensioner Bearing
  • 1 x NSK Idler Bearing
  • 1 x OEM Nissan Tensioner Spring
  • 2 x OEM Nissan Camshaft Seals
  • 1 x OEM Nissan Crankshaft Seal
  • 1 x Service Due Sticker
  • 1 x TSS Air Freshener
  • 1 x TSS Sticker

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is a 100% fit for the following engines:

  • RB20DE / DET
  • RB25DE / DET
  • RB25NEO DE / DET
  • RB26DETT