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The Skyline Shed - Link ECU Kit to suit R32 / R33 / R34

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Link ECU Plug N Play ECU kits are finally here, no more guess games for what you need to get started. You have the option of a basic kit, full kit or even the option to mix and match to create a kit of your own, whilst saving dollars along the way!

However, if budget is not a problem for you and you want to keep your branding a bit more uniform, then check out our Haltech ECU Kits which can be found by clicking HERE!

"Base kit" includes:
  • Link G4X ECU
  • Link Wideband Kit (CANLAM)
  • Link 3port boost solenoid
The "base kit" is the bare minimum of what you need to get your car going, the WB1 will let you save fuel and allow your ecu to measure and deliver a precise amount of fuel, trust me when i say the amount of fuel you will save by running this sensor will pay itself off within a year and your engine will thankyou for it as well!
This kit also includes a 3-Port Boost solenoid, this will allow the ECU to take over boost control which you can then navigate using the optional CAN Keypad from the add-ons below:
  • HALTECH CAN KEYPAD - We would call this an optional piece, however it can be used for some safety features such as using the buttons to assign a base map with a good rev/boost cut to allow people to drive the car around without doing anything stupid. You can also use the CAN Keypad to run cool things such as a dump valve, this can close and open an exhaust valve for when you are driving on the street or for when you need more power on the track and sound isn't a problem. You can even use the button to set up boost control, launch control, push to start or even cruise control!
  • LINK ECU FLEX FUEL SENSOR - RB engines, especially when standard are at severe risk of ringland failure or melting pistons. There is simply not enough octane in 98 fuel to keep these things happy under race conditions without running extremely rich and dumping alot of fuel or experiencing knock on hot days. This is where a tuner will recommend making the switch to E85 to cool things down, but should you go straight E85? We don't recommend it and here is why... Having E85 as your only fuel source severely limits your travelling distance, this makes cruises difficult and you don't want to go on a two hour cruise only to arrive at a service station that usually has E85 but for some reason is either closed/out of fuel (nightmare scenario). With a Flex Fuel Sensor, you would simply fill up on 98 and continue enjoying your day with friends/family knowing that you are on a lesser tune and less power, but you can still enjoy the day and there is always the possibility of running into another E85 gas station further along your cruise that you naturally would not have been able to reach. Besides that point, having single fuel lowers the value of the vehicle if it is a street vehicle, it also narrows down your future potential buyers to people who have E85 nearby. Last but not least, the MOST important factor to have a flex fuel sensor EVEN WHEN RUNNING ONLY ETHANOL, is to be able to measure ethanol content. Why does this matter you may ask? Because there have been NUMEROUS occasions where you head down to your regular gas station and instead of seeing 79-85 octane levels, you all of a sudden read 69-72. You instantly know NOT to give your car a hard time and to either drain the fuel or cruise the car until you burn it off and top it up elsewhere with E85 again to bring up the octane levels, this information is priceless and the difference between blowing your engine or keeping it safe. This sensor is perfect to pair up with a Haltech IC-7 Digital display dash so that you have a place to read this information in real time.
  • HALTECH IC-7 DIGITAL DISPLAY DASH - Hands down the most popular dash on the market due to its simplicity, ease of installation and aftermarket dash surround options that make it seamlessly blend into your dashboard. This bit of gear may appear as a dash replacement or an instrument to read speed or RPM, however... there is much more to it. We see the Haltech IC-7 as a form of protection for your investment, because at the end of the day... the Nissan Skyline Platform has grown in value over the last 4 years by up to 6 fold! A clean GTST can easily sell for well over $30,000aud and Clean R32 GTR's are selling for over $100,000aud. Most people haven't realised, but the cost of replacing a blown engine with a second hand one can cost anywhere between $8000-$15,000aud! Having a IC-7 allows you to receive custom warning signals for any possible failure and it will give you a detailed report of what is happening provided you have the correct sensors installed, here is an example: If your vehicle overheats while driving due to a failing head gasket, the likelyhood of you noticing the temperature needle creeping up on your OEM temp gauge prior to serious damage happening to the engine is extremely slim. The needle will be at the top by the time you find a safe spot to drive towards on the side of the road and switch the vehicle off, by that time you can distort the deck of the block, warp the head and even damage the crankshaft! Having the IC-7 allows you to set paramaters that when breached early on, can flash MASSIVE warning lights in your face and custom warning signals which will allow you to pull over much sooner, the 10-20 seconds you save is now the difference of a small head gasket repair with a quick skim of the cylinder head, or a complete engine swap which costs THOUSANDS! We can give many many more examples with the same method when it comes to oil pressure and how noticing it before it's too late can prevent catastrophic damage etc etc, but we need to move on to the next point!


  • This kit is only suits SINGLE TURBO SETUPS, if you are running a twin turbo setup, you will need a Haltech WB2 wideband kit which will incur a $200aud surcharge. Please leave a note in the cart area if this is something you need or contact us via email at
  • This kit comes with a 3-port boost solenoid as this contains the most resolution and is the most popular solenoid for a street setup, some tuners and some applications may need a 4-port boost solenoid purely out of preference, please leave a note in the cart area when checking out and we will swap in a 4-port boost solenoid free of charge!