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The Skyline Shed - Haltech 2x4 CAN Keypad Mount to suit R33 Skyline (All Models)

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This PREMIUM quality "TSS Keypad Mount" is the ULTIMATE way to display your Haltech 2x4 CAN Keypad (8button only). Designed by us here at The Skyline Shed, this mount was specifically made for the Nissan Skyline R33 and features:

  • Perfect Fitment.
  • Fast installation.
  • No trimming required.
  • Fits ALL MODELS of Nissan Skyline R33.
  • Designed to lock into place and not move.
  • OEM 'like' Finish in both textured black/smooth satin black.
  • Will not fall out or vibrate under harsh race conditions.
  • Ample space for DTM4 plug and wiring at the rear as pictured.
  • Extra room with mount holes to allow you to make adjustments
  • Can be mounted upside down if you like lights at the top of the buttons, however you will need to trim the rear (see last image).
  • R32 and R34 models are currently in R&D and will be released in the coming month or two!
  • DOES NOT COME WITH SHIFTER SURROUND - these can be purchased separately on our website.

We have put ALOT of effort into these mounts to get them just right, these are not your cheap flimsy 3D printed stuff you see online, these are quality items with a near OEM finish or as close to what we could source. We will update the images with our smooth satin finished units in the coming week or two.


  • DO NOT install this mount with the shifter surround still mounted, first install your keypad into the TSS mount with DTM4 connector plugged into the back of it (ensure the nuts on the back are not fully tight as you will need to adjust it later), then remove the shifter surround, then slide the keypad mount with holder complete into where the ash tray usually sits ensuring that the teeth click into place (you might need to assist it a little). Once the unit is clicked into place, you can then begin aligning the keypad to make sure it sits flush along the borders of the shifter surround, then tighten the nuts to hold it in place. Re-install the shifter surround WITHOUT SCREWING IT DOWN AT THE BACK OF THE ASH TRAY AREA (it's not needed and over engineered anyway as the clips will hold it in place, if you do screw your shifter surround in you will have to break the keypad mount to remove it as it has one way tabs that can only be depressed from behind, this was the only way to design the product in a manner that keeps it secure under harsh conditions) and plug DTM4 wiring in before securing to dash fascia.
  • In the event you need to pull the keypad out, you will need to remove your shifter surround first and depress the teeth on the back of the mount before it will release and come out.
  • In terms of Aesthetics, the smooth satin black mounts suits Series 1 models of R33 (1993-1995) and the textured black suits the Series 2/3 models of R33 (1996-1998). The units are interchangeable but please use this information to try to choose the unit that suits your shifter surrounds colour and texture.