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The Skyline Shed - FPR8 Fuel Fitting Kit

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Lets face it, there is nothing worse than buying a fuel reg only to find out it doesn't come with fittings and now you have to consider additional costs of freight to order fittings again the second time around.

TSS FPR8 Fuel Fitting kit is everything you need to get going, suits people who already have a rail and injectors but require a fuel reg. When you make up your fuel lines, simply make them up to suit the -8AN fittings supplied onto your FPR reg.

Fitting Kit includes:

  • 2 x Orb -8AN Fittings with O-rings.
  • 1 x Orb -8AN Block off Fitting with O-ring.


  • Turbosmart FPR8 - Comes in Black/Gold/Silver/Bronze/Cardo Zinc/Grey/Purple/Pink/Red/Blue/Green/Orange/Teal and is suitable for power levels up to 700hp.
  • Syltech Combo Sensor  comes in 1/8NPT with no silly adaptors necessary and a full alloy housing for the sensor itself. These sensors read both pressure (10bar) and temparature (-30 to 140deg). We highly recommend adding this sensor as you can wire it up to your ECU so that you can utilise safety features such as fuel cut if your pressure begins to drop or have issues, fuel temp is also a big thing to keep an eye on as it could be an indicator that your pump is getting hot and cause you to lose power.


  • Assembly of hose and fittings are required, please familiarise yourself with using teflon braided line. There are a plethora of techniques and tutorials online and it is not difficult, the main thing is to use AN Spanners to not damage the anodizing, have a vice available or multiple spanners and an extra person on hand. Most importantly, use some form of tape such as electrical tape before cutting the hose to ensure the sleeve stays in tact and does not fray when cutting. 
  • Please ensure you use supplied O-rings with ORBS and Block off fittings.
  • Please ensure you use fuel safe thread paste/tape with the Syltech Sensor as per turbosmarts recommendation. 
  • All components are compatible with Unleaded or Ethanol Fuels. 
  • We highly recommend having this kit installed by a performance workshop as it is responsible for carrying fuel safely to your engine, we will accept no responsibility for leaks, damage, fire, injury or death due to poor installation.
  • PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK FOR LEAKS AFTER INSTALL (fuel systems are not a joke and should be taken seriously).
  • Installation advice is purely advice and we recommend checking the manufacturers installation guide for each product. 
  • Images are for referrence only.