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The Skyline Shed - 650HP Fuel Rail Kit to suit RB25 and RB25NEO

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Original price $1,675.00
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Original price $1,675.00
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Current price $1,507.50

TSS Fuel Rail Kits are finally here! No more guess games for what you need to get that 650hp figure. You have the option of a basic kit, full kit or even the option to mix and match to create a kit of your own, whilst saving dollars along the way!

THIS KIT SUITS RB25DE, RB25DET, RB25DET NEO engines and is proven to make up to 650hp at the wheels using reliable components from brands we know and trust. We also have a kit to suit 500hp which you can check out by CLICKING HERE!.

  • 1 x Raceworks fuel rail kit (BLACK ONLY)
  • 1 x Turbosmart FPR6 Fuel Pressure Regulator (BLACK ONLY)
  • 6 x Raceworks 1650cc 1/2 length Injectors (Static+Dynamic Flow Matched to 1.5%)


  • PRP Universal Injector Harness with Bosch Square connectors.
  • Walbro 460 - Good for 500hp ATW / E85 Safe.
  • Walbro 525 - Good for 550-600hp ATW / E85 Safe.
  • Walbro 535 - Good for 650hp+ ATW / E85 Safe (requires check valve).


  • These kits are rated for 650hp at the wheels.
  • All Fuel components are compatible with Unleaded or Ethanol Fuels. 
  • Raceowrks Fuel Injectors have an amazing flow rate variance of only +/- 1.5% (3% Total).
  • Both Fuel Rails come in BLACK ONLY.
  • PRP Universal Injector Harness comes with Bosch Jetronic Square Quick Release connectors, however it will require modification onto your main harness and is not a complete plug and play and does require some modification to fit. 
  • Power ratings are subjective, we have made the power claimed with ease. However, each vehicle is different and this is only an opinion from our experience and expertise. 
  • You may need fittings, hose, adaptors and other things to get this installed correctly, we don't want to push people into how to plumb their fuel system and advise people to have this kit installed by a performance workshop.
  • There is no guarrantee that this kit will fit under OEM plenum, thus we recommend installing it with a forward facing manifold or Plazmaman Plenum. We have installed this under OEM plenums before by trimming the plenums and using a plenum spacer and other modifications, however we do not recommend doing this. 
  • Images are for referrence only.