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Speedtek - Race Spec Lockout Shifter to suit Big Box R32 / R33 / R34

Original price $874.95 - Original price $1,059.95
Original price
$874.95 - $1,059.95
Current price $874.95
First Gear Lockout Function Activation via Button in Shift Knob - Eliminate missing a gear forever as you cannot accidentally enter 1st unless the button is pressed.
(adjustable chromoly 1st gear lockout plate & removable if not required for your application).
  • Road Legal Design (etched H Pattern Logo ontop of Shift Knob )
  • Billet 6061 Aluminum Constructed Lever  & Baseplate 
  • Perfect for Street or Race Applications
  • Ball Bearing Pivot for Smooth, Reliable Shifts
  • HARDOX Steel Laser Cut Adjustable Lockout Plate
  • Approximately 30% Shorter throw for quicker shifts
  • Custom Made Rubber Seal to stop oil leaks
  • Direct Fitment, No trimming or Cutting anywhere on the Vehicle.

This is a must have shifter for anyone using a dogbox, if you select the wrong gear whilst racing with a dogbox... you run the risk of over-revving your engine/drivetrain to the moon and you will grenade your investment on the spot with nothing salvageable.

Don't have a dogbox? No problem... our shifters work with OEM transmissions too!
Why not add a nice touch to your interior and make it look a bit more aestheticly pleasing, our shifters also allow you to select gears faster and more accurately - a perfect balance between looks and functionality.

This is a full shifter unit/assembly and requires no extra parts to install. 

Optional parts: 

  • Paronite Gasket - (recommended) to stop heat transfer into Shifter.
  • Heavy Duty Speedtek Shifter Return Spring Kit (recommended).

Suits the following models:

  • R32 GTR
  • R33 GTST / R33 GTR
  • R34 GTT / R34 GTR

CRITICAL INFORMATION: Please be specific on which model you need on checkout as we designed these specifically for each model - RB25 RWD or RB26 AWD Transmissions.