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Platinum Racing Products - IGN35A Coil Kit to suit RB30 SOHC

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This new 4000hp rated coil kit incorporate our IGN1A ignition coil head moulded into a R35/VR38 base, this is a true Coil on plug solution for those who need more power over the VR38 coils!

We’ve had these tested in a handful of 1000+Hp RB’s for around a year now and we decided we were ready to go into full production after consistent success. These monsters put out over double the punch of a genuine R35 coil and are rated to 4000hp (in a 6 cylinder set up) I know that seems excessive but even in your 1000hp set up the results are impressive.

As we had complete control of the housing without constraints, we were able to modify primary coil configuration to make the current draw ~20% more efficient than your regular IGN1A coilpack. This allowed our 3 pin circuit to still utilise our current r35 coil harnesses we supply without requiring significant wiring upgrades, it also takes the R35 3 pin R35 connectors.

They allow for a more efficient and longer burn, as offered by the IGN1A, and since the IGN1A is the most powerful smart coil we’ve ever tested we decided to combine them as an upgrade to our extensive line of R35 coil kits.


  • Billet alloy anodized bracket is engineered to sit directly over the spark plug on the correct angle to ensure correct stalk alignment over the spark plug to eliminate spark leakage.
  • Kit now includes custom height quality one-piece silicone injected spark plug stalks that seal the spark plug well, avoiding water pooling and inherent engine misfires.
  • Custom made springs already fitted inside the stalks make for extremely fast installation as well as no trimming of springs required.
  • Bench tested, club motorsport grade branded harness, high temp Tefzel wire and crimp joins used with Deutsche connector set and glue lined heat-shrink.
  • Bolt kit included caters for the 6 ignition coils and billet bracket to head.


  • PRP RB30 SOHC Coil Bracket
  • PRP Custom Moulded Stalks+ Springs
  • Fittings and hardware to suit
  • 6 x PRP IGN35A Coils
  • (Optional) PRP Universal Coil Loom with Deutsche connector
  • (Optional) PRP Dizzy Block Off Plate

CRITICAL INFORMATION: The bracket in the first two images are for reference only, the bracket in thos images is from the twin cam RB. We will be updating the images as soon as possible, proper RB30 bracket that will be supplied as part of the kit is in the final image on this listing.