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Nulon - Pro Strength Octane Booster 500ml

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Nulon Pro-Strength Octane Booster is our go to octane booster and we highly recommend it for anyone running unleaded fuel in their Nissan Skyline (DO NOT USE WITH ETHANOL FUEL). This octane booster has been tested by us on a vehicle dyno and the result was an extra two degrees of timing with pinging removed, initial tune was 294kw at the wheels on BP98 Fuel on a STANDARD RB25DET, once we added the two degrees of timing and the Nulon Pro-Strength Octane Booster, power increased to 314kw at the wheels and all minor pinging stopped.

A perfect failsafe for those pushing their Skylines on Unleaded fuel to make power, simply add one treatment per full tank of fuel or as label directs. This has been specifically formulated to provide maximum power output for all high performance engines with injectors or carburettors. This product instantly boosts the octane rating of all types of petrol, including racing fuel. Nulon Pro-Strength Octane Booster also eliminates pinging (detonation) and is the ideal substitute to use in standard unleaded fuels (including E10 bio-fuel) where premium unleaded petrol (PULP) is required.

  • 500ml Bottle
  • Boosts octane by up to 7 RON (70 points)
  • Gain peak performance & acceleration
  • Maximise horsepower
  • Prevents engine damage caused by detonation
  • Safe for catalytic converters & oxygen sensors