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Platinum Racing Products - Kingpin Kit to suit R32 / R33 / R34 AWD

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Introducing the Platinum Racing Products R32/R33/R34 'R Chassis' KingPin Kit – the ultimate solution for enhancing your AWD RB drag racing traction achieving optimal big bag tire fitment on your AWD R Chassis/GT-R drag orientated vehicle

This kit has been meticulously designed to address the challenge of accommodating larger tires under the front end, specifically the 275 drag tire size, without compromising on other essential geometric aspects.
Key Features:

Improved Tire Fitment: The Platinum Racing Products KingPin Kit allows you to raise the upper control arm, creating additional clearance for larger tires. With this modification, you can easily fit 275 Tyre

Enhanced Front-end Spacing: The kit ingeniously spaces the Front Upper Control Arm (FUCA) upwards by approximately 50mm. This adjustment ensures ample room for the larger tires and prevents any rubbing or interference issues.

The kit includes two sets of ARP extended studs (1/2" UNF), renowned for their durability and reliability. These studs play a crucial role in securely attaching the wheel spacers and ensuring proper wheel alignment.

Optimized Fitment: To ensure seamless fitment of the 275 tires within the wheel well while clearing the calipers, two wheel spacers are provided in the kit. These spacers are precisely crafted to achieve the ideal balance between tire clearance and brake caliper accommodation.

Inclusive Package: The Platinum Racing Products R32/R33/R34 R Chassis Billet steel KingPin Kit comprises all the essential components required for a hassle-free installation. With two sets of extended studs, two wheel spacers, and two kingpins, you have everything you need to transform your vehicle's tire fitment and performance.

Upgrade your vehicle's tire fitment capabilities with the Platinum Racing Products R32/R33/R34 R Chassis KingPin Kit. Elevate your drag racing experience by effortlessly accommodating 275 drag tires and enjoy improved traction, better control, and enhanced performance on the track. Trust in the precision engineering of Platinum Racing Products to optimize your front-end geometry without compromising on safety or reliability.