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GKtech - Polyurethane Differential Bushes to suit R32 / R33 / R34

Original price $64.95 - Original price $169.95
Original price
$64.95 - $169.95
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The GKTECH Polyurethane diff bushes are a direct replacement of the standard items and ensure that movement of the diff is kept to a minimum within the subframe which is quite common under hard driving conditions.

- Polyurethane 80sHA construction
- Available to order as front, rear or front and rear kit

Front, rear or front and rear?

Front only:
The front diff bushes are to be used when installing an S14/S15/R33/R34 diff in an S13/R32 subframe. The S14/S15/R33/R34 diffs have bushes on both the front and rear of the diff whereas the S13/R32 diffs do not. You use the original rear diff cover and then to get the front of the diff positioned correctly and then these bushes are to be installed.

NOTE: Longer front mount bolts are required when installing an S14/S15/R33/R34 diff in an S13/R32 subframe (20mm longer = 80mm thread length). Nissan OEM part number is 55424-33P00

Rear only:
Not very common but if you're running an S13/R32 diff in an R200 subframe (2 bolt cover) you will only need the rear bushes as the front of the diff is already solid mounted. 

Front and rear:
All those non conversion 2 bolt cover cars. eg. S14, S15, R33, R34, C33, C34, C35 and Z32

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan 180sx
- Nissan S13 Silvia
- Nissan S14 200SX
- Nissan S15 200SX
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-4
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
- Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T
- Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
- Nissan Skyline R34 GTT
- Nissan Skyline R34 GTR
- Nissan C33
- Nissan C34
- Nissan C35
- Nissan A31 Cefiro
- Nissan 300zx Z32 (Non Turbo)


What's the difference between solid and polyurethane diff bushes? Solid is as the name suggests, solid. Polyurethane (80sHA in this instance) is a hard material but it does have some give resulting in less transfer of noise. Generally speaking we would say that if you drive your car hard the polyurethane bushes are the way to go. If your car is track dedicated, solid is the way to go. 

What's the advantage of using the GKTech polyurethane diff bushes? Being near solid they ensure that movement of the diff is kept to a minimum within the subframe which is quite common under hard driving conditions.

What modifications are required, is this hard to fit? No modifications are required, simply install the front bushes by hand into the diff, and then press the rear bushes into the subframe.

Is there anything else needed for installation? No, you can use your OEM nuts and bolts, in terms of the bushes they will arrive as shown in the product photo.

Can I install this myself? If so how long will installation take? Yes, if the subframe is out the job so take around 30 minutes to install the bushes and diff.

Do these cause much vibration/noise in the cabin? Not really. Obviously, anything solid or more rigid is going to cause an increase in noise and vibration. However, I'd hardly say that it's noticeable. Chances are if you're installing these you've already got coilovers, your car is lowered, you've got an aftermarket exhaust etc.

Will this fit my car? We can only confirm fitment for the vehicles listed above under "vehicle compatibility". If your car is not listed there, then we don't know if it will fit.