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GKtech - Extra Long Stepped Knurl Gear Knob

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Do you ever go to grab a gear and your hand just slips right off that shiny shift knob, slapping yourself in the leg?

Well no one likes sore legs or slippery knobs so we have developed a super grippy knurled knob to avoid this happening.

Take hold of that knurled top, feel the knurl between your fingers as your hand stays glued to that knob and continue to rip through that gearbox.

The Gktech stepped knurl gearknob is super comfortable to drive with and comes in at 140mm in height, 30mm for the lower diameter and 40mm for the knurled diameter.

Made from billet T6-6061 aluminium.

- M10x1.25 thread pitch to suit most Nissans (and potentially other vehicles)
- Durable design for the roughest conditions 
- Weighs in at 350g
- Available in either black, silver, blue, gold, neo chrome, orange, pink, purple or red


What is the thread size?M10x1.25

Will this fit my car? We don't know. Please find out if your vehicle is the same as this gear knob. We don't know what size thread every gear stick on the Planet is, Google does :)

Will this fit my aftermarket shifter? If your shifter also has an M10x1.25 thread (same as OEM), then our gear knob will fit also.

Do you make these gear knobs in other thread sizes? No, we only sell the products listed on our website. If it's not listed on here, then we don't sell it. Sorry.

What is the height of the gear knob? 140mm