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Gearbox T&C's

*Gearbox Service kits are NOT separable from our gearbox services and must be purchased in conjunction with any service.

*Fill the gearbox with supplied oil and additive, drive the car gently for a few minutes and gently select every gear, then bring car back to the workshop and top up with more oil.

*You will need minimum 3.5 litres for this process.

*22 day warranty from date of purchase and only covers items supplied.

*Warranty covers your choice of a repair or replacement ONCE we have received the old gearbox and inspected it to establish what the cause of failure is, any failure not deemed to be related to our assembly will incur a $400 disassembly/inspection fee, this fee is wavered if the liability is on our part.

*Warranty is void if you tamper with products or bring them back in a different state to which they were sold to you.

*Warranty does NOT cover second hand gearbox components.

*No exchanges or refunds if you change your mind or parts don't suite your vehicle, you are required to do your own research.

*All Items purchased from The Skyline Shed are to be installed by a qualified mechanic at a licenced workshop.

*Modifying your vehicle is illegal in some states and territories, the customer acknowledges that it is their responsibility to abide by the law and take the appropriate measures to ensure that their vehicle is roadworthy.

*The Skyline Shed PTY LTD assumes no responsibilty for any work carried out, modifications made or parts supplied with regards to road use, as all our products are intended for track use only.