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The Skyline Shed - TSS 600hp Turbo Kit to suit RB25 / RB25NEO / RB26

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Looking for a turbo kit but don't know what to buy? Let us take the guess game out of the purchase and give you something tailored to suite your application!

Our TSS 600hp turbo kit is designed for people who are thinking for the future and want a bit more than 500hp without compromising too much response. This kit uses a Aeroflow 6255 turbocharger (G30-900 Equivalent) with a V-band .83 rear housing, a 50mm Turbosmart GenV Progate and a 6boost V-band Manifold (T3 option also available but not recommended as they cause fitment issues for the water lines due to the studs and the added stress of gasket failures). 

We recommend this kit for:
  • RB25 and RB26 engines running E85
  • RB25 and RB26 forged engines on 98
  • RB30 engines on 98fuel or E85 (the extra capacity makes this engine ideal for a 3Litre bottom end).

Depending on the engine capacity between RB25/RB26 or RB30, the Aeroflow Boosted 6255 / G30-900 equivalent turbocharger will make full boost around 4200-4600rpm on 98 fuel and usable boost by about 3200-4000rpm depending on application and supporting modifications. However, the Aeroflow 6255 Turbocharger really comes to life on E85 and is highly recommend that you run E85 fuel as you will be seeing full boost by approximately 3800-4300rpm depending on your application and supporting modifications. That makes this turbocharger impressive for the power and response it can deliver especially since we are talking over 500hp where most turbochargers make you lose drivability.

The turbocharger comes in a .83 V-band or T3 format as this is the perfect size to allow exhaust gases to flow away from the engine quickly whilst still being small enough to retain drivability.

Every product in this kit is of the highest quality, 6boost manifolds are world renowned for some of the best turbo manifolds and their merge collectors are just a work of art, we want to give you nothing but the best which is why we stock 6Boost manifolds!

Couple that with our Turbosmart Wastegates and you have a recipe for reliability.

The TSS-600 Turbo kit comes with:

  • Aeroflow 6255 (G30-900 equivalent) V-band or T3 .83/82 rear.
  • Turbosmart 50mm GenV wastegate
  • 6Boost Turbo Manifold (V-band or T3 flange)
  • Cylinder head Exhaust studs to suite 6boost
  • -4AN turbo oil feed fitting with restrictor
  • V-band Clamp or T3 Single layer steel gasket depending on option
  • Turbo drain gasket

BOOSTED 6255 V-Band Turbocharger Specifications

- Dual ceramic ball bearing
- Point Milled 7075 billet compressor wheel
- Ported shroud compressor cover
- Speed sensor port included in compressor cover (Speed sensor sold separately, AF8050-1010)
- 1/8" NPT boost reference port
- Turbo drain gasket and -4AN turbo oil feed fitting with restrictor included in turbo kit. (Warranty VOID if not used)
- V-Band single entry turbine inlet flange
- 9 blade turbine wheel
- SiMo-nodular cast iron rear housing
- V-Band turbine outlet flange
- M14 x 1.5mm coolant port thread
- 7/16"-24 oil feed fitting with in-built restrictor
- 38mm bolt centre turbo drain flange with M8 x 1.25mm thread size

Compressor Specifications
Inducer:  62mm
Exducer:  76mm
Extended Tip:  79.42mm
A/R:  0.72
Compressor Inlet:  4" Slip fit
Compressor Outlet:  2" Slip fit

Turbine Specifications
Inducer:  60mm
Exducer:  55mm
A/R:  0.83
Turbine Inlet Flange: V-Band (AF8080-1016)
Turbine Outlet Flange:  V-Band (AF8080-1000)

This turbo kit will allow you to make upto 600hp at the wheels depending on your application and supporting modifications.