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The Skyline Shed - TSS Garrett "Response" Turbo Kit to suit R34 Skyline

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The Skyline Shed is proud to bring you a range of COMPLETELY BOLT IN turbo kits to suit the Nissan Skyline R34 Platform. 

We designed this turbo kit so that it can remove the need for towing or fabrication and to allow the average enthusiast to install it in their driveway and head straight down to track or tuning if need be. Our dump and screamer pipes are made by one of our technicians who has been fabricating in the automotive industry for over a decade. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our turbo kits come with V-band flanges only, this is for ease of installation and more room around the turbocharger to run water lines without having to worry about fouling on the studs on a regular T3 or T4 manifold. V-band is the latest and greatest in turbocharger sealing technology and they perform exceptionally better than their traditional "T-Flanged" counterparts. However if for some reason you wish to order this kit in a T3 format, please get in touch and we can arrange something for you.


  • Utilizes 3" stainless steel piping.
  • Is designed to suit 3" V-band rear housings.
  • Bolts onto factory OEM Cat Converter using two bolt flange, comes with gasket and bolts/nuts to suit.
  • Comes with two O2 Sensor ports and a block off bung for one of them to make tuning a breeze as most tuners prefer to use their own O2 sensors when tuning.
  • Has a flex joiner to ensure movement without cracking, the flex joiner also allows for a bit of adjustment.
  • Comes with 3" V-band clamp.


  • Utilizes 2" Stainless piping.
  • Is designed to suit 50mm Turbosmart Gen V Progate.
  • Runs between the block and dump pipe so that you can not see it unless you raise the car up.
  • Can be modified and plumbed into the dump pipe at your own expense once fitted, this could be to comply with your local roads and traffic authority or state laws for emissions purposes.
  • Comes with two 50mm V-band clamps.

Our TSS 'RESPONSE' turbo kit is designed to be as the title suggests "responsive" and compliments factory bottom end RB20 / RB25 / RB26 engines. We have a few turbochargers that can produce anywhere between 400hp and 550hp depending on engine type and fuel choice. Please see turbo guide below:

  • GARRETT G30-770 with 0.83 rear - The big brother of the G30-660, except it doesn't have the sad sounding 3" intake, this bad boy has the classical 4" Anti-Surge front housing which gives it that beautiful induction noise with the high pitch whistle of a T51-R. This turbo is like an upgraded GTX3076, is has very similar response beneath 20psi, but it does flow more up top and can be more responsive than a GTX3076 when running over 20psi of boost pressure.
  • GARRETT GTX3071 with 0.83 rear - The OG turbo for response, a go to for many RB20 engines and those who need down low power for drifting. In our opinion this is too small a turbo for the RB25/RB26, but for someone who doesn't plan on pushing more than 400-450hp, this turbo is perfect for down low response.
  • GARRETT GTX3076 with 0.83 rear - Our favourite turbocharger by far, second only to the G30-770, this has been our favourite turbo for the RB25/RB26 engine on standard bottom end. We have made over 420kw on a forged RB25 Neo engine using this turbocharger. This turbo tends to 'wake up' when used in conjunction with E85 fuel but still has great response even on 98 with full boost under 4000rpm and usable boost by 3000rpm.


  • Your choice of GARRETT V-Band Turbocharger.
  • Turbosmart 50mm Progate in BLACK with 14psi spring (comes with extra springs) to increase or decrease pressure as you please), you also have the option to leave a note in the CART SECTION when checking out if you would like the colour Blue, Red or Purple instead.
  • 6boost turbo manifold modified by TSS for wastegate flange in V-band ONLY (we recommend getting this ceramic coated prior to install).
  • Multi Layer Steel Exhaust Manifold to Cylinder head gasket to suit your chosen engine model.
  • TSS Custom 3” V-band Two-Piece Dump Pipe (includes all gaskets, hardware, V-band clamp to suit).
  • TSS Custom 2” V-band Screamer Pipe with V-band Clamps to suit.
  • V-Band Inlet Clamp to fit turbocharger to manifold. 


  • TSS Turbo line kit, lines are made out of Braided Teflon for oil feed and braided 100series for water lines and includes all fittings both to block and turbocharger.
  • TSS Stainless flexible turbo drain kit with Titanium hardware.
  • Titanium Exhaust Manifold Studs/Nuts/Washers.


  • AC piping may or may not need a slight bend where it meets the firewall, this is normal procedure for any high mount turbo kit.
  • AC piping may or may not need to be re-made as custom units on NA cars as the turbo models provide ALOT of clearance but the NA ones do not due to their lengthier lines that sag down near the dump pipe area.
  • Head drain may or may not need a slight bend where it meets the cylinder head.
  • If opting for our titanium stud kit, Cylinder 1 and Cylinder 5 bottom studs may need to be trimmed back depending on your cylinder heads history and you may need to not use washers for those two studs.
  • This kit is for use with TURBO RB engines ONLY, if using this on a NA engine, you will need to make up your own turbo lines and oil drain (depending if your oil drain is plugged or non existant). R33 RB25DE engines require the sump to be modified for a turbo drain while the R34 RB25DE engines have a Allen key plug blocking the OEM turbo drain, this means you can simply unwind the plug and fit our turbo drain on in most cases.
  • You will need to sort out your own turbo outlet pipe, usually a stepped 90degree silicone joiner is used in most cases and will suffice, however we recommend for longevity welding to the turbo outlet a 90degree pipe. This ofcourse all depends on your current intercooler setup and how you intend to plumb your pipework.
  • You will need to source your own intake kit for the front of the turbocharger, we will be offering a custom DIY 4"intake kit with airbox in a few months time which can be purchased separately.
  • Please remember to build up oil pressure in your new turbocharger prior to starting the engine, failing to do so could lead to damage to your engine or turbocharger.
  • Please check that you have the correct oil restrictor for your turbocharger application, if purchasing our line kit it will come with a Turbosmart OPR V2, in which you will not need a oil restrictor, you will simply restrict the amount of oil going into the turbo via the included Turbosmart OPR instead. 
  • This kit is to be installed by a qualified/licenced automotive technician for warranty purposes.
  • Many components of this kit are pretty straight forward to install, but the installation should ultimately be overseen by someone with the correct level of experience to ensure you do not have anything fail or get damaged in the startup or installation process.
  • There are no guarrantees on the fitment of the dump where it meets your cat converter, there are so many skylines out there with aftermarket cats or exhausts that have been tampered with, but we did develop our kit and test it on many platforms.
  • This kit is for TRACK USE ONLY and you should check with your local authority on the legality of fitting this kit to your street registered vehicle.
  • If you purchase our turbo line kit for a RB26, you may need a turbo drain block off fitting which can be found HERE.
  • Image is for reference only and does not come with OPR as pictured (price has been adjusted to reflect this update.